Shadows of the Seven Cities

Bloody Bones

Something's out there. Something... Hungry...

(This story begins two weeks after the events of the book Changes.)

The Seven Cities area had existed for years in a tense but stable balance of power. The White Court held most of the territory south of the Coleman Bridge, the Red Court holding Gloucester to the north. A pack of werewolves wandered the countryside in Mathews and Middlesex, while the White Council guarded what territory south of the bridge that wasn’t vamp-held and minor talents outside their territories were left mostly to their own devices.

When the Red Court abruptly vanished, everything was thrown into disarray. Suddenly there was no strong power holding Gloucester, and everything around began to rush in. First on the scene were the werewolves, their aggressive leader trying to bully all the minor talents into accepting their rule or leaving the area. The White Court began sinking their claws into all the property and political influences that were suddenly left without anyone to hold them. The White Council, already weakened by the war with the Red Court and reeling from this sudden development, couldn’t do much more than send a young Warden straight from the front lines to keep order as best he could.

When the homeless of the area start disappearing without a trace at a rate that threatens to draw the attention of mortal authorities, an unlikely group of locals comes together to solve the mystery. When the bodies of the missing people are found in the woods along the Colonial Parkway- the bodies stripped of most flesh and gnawed upon as if by large animals then concealed in shallow graves- rumors of a grisly repeat of the Parkway Killer resurface in the locality. Using connections within the news and local police the heroes cover up the incident as a case of an illegal fight club that resulted in fatalities, where the bodies were disposed of by feeding them to fighting dogs and then hidden away.

The truth of the matter was that the bodies were the victims of a necromancer’s foul experiments, the remains given to his ghoul lackeys for disposal. After many a dangerous encounter with the ghouls, the heroes finally track the necromancer to his lair and confront him, destroying the ghouls and driving the necromancer into the Never Never. This crisis averted for now, the heroes went home to lick their wounds and rest until something else threatened the peace in their home.



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