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Shadows of the Seven Cities

Behind the scenes of the modern world that mortals think is reality, there are the same things you would find on any stage. Actors, carefully produced sets, and people making sure everything keeps working the way it’s supposed to. The creatures of legend are more than just stories, and in some ways less. But all of them intend to use everything at their disposal to gain more power and keep the mortal world oblivious to their designs. Luckily for us, there are as many benevolent forces as their are malevolent.

The Seven Cities area is no different. Two vampires of the White Court constantly vie for status and influence in the politics of Newport News and Hampton. Fae lords from the Winter and Summer Courts are present in a cold war to make sure neither side gets an advantage. With their ranks low from the Vampire War the lone Warden from the White Council struggles to keep the minor talents and focused practitioners safe and compliant with the Laws of Magic, and a werewolf pack has moved into the now vacant territory once held by a powerful Red Court vampire in Gloucester County.

With all these things happening, when troubles fall on the area it ends up the responsibility of those who would rather live their lives as normally as possible.


This is the wiki for the Shadows of the Seven Cities. The pages here will give you all the information needed to stay informed on the campaign’s background and current information, as well as information on the history of the campaign that a character from the area could or possibly should know about. This wiki will be updated as each story is completed, so all information is subject to change.

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