Shadows of the Seven Cities

Nothing at all Suspicious (Really)

With the dragon-thrall dispatched and the Formor repulsed, the supernatural scene has become almost quiet. Even the Gloucester Werewolves aren’t bothering people much.

In the Mortal world, the fall of Cardoze, has disrupted the local economic scene. Major properties are in flux, with Cardoze investments dumping most of its properties on the way to bankruptcy, and speculators picking up choice pieces. A healthcare group from France has taken over management of the Riverside hospital chain and several other facilities. A German manufacturing firm has opened in Matthews. The Cardoze towers stand empty.

It’s almost midsummer, and the closest thing to news is that the normally reclusive Summer Court representative O’Caercarras is inviting people (and things) to a midnight fete at his greenhouse.



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