The Seven Cities area has a number of important people. Below is a list of these people and a brief description; click on the name of each Face to go to their character page.

Gabriel Foley: A White Court social climber, Gabriel is one of the two White Court nobles currently competing for influence and power in the area. Owner of a hotel and nightclub called The Majesty, Gabriel does his best to foster greed among his associates to encourage them to let him grow his businesses.

Mercedes Carpenter: A White Court debutante, Mercedes is Gabriel’s chief rival in the area now that the local Red Court Baron disappeared along with almost all of his kindred. A world-renowned model, Mercedes has ‘retired’ from that life and now owns and operates the Vortex nightclub and restaurant. Mercedes feeds on the pride and jealousy of those who make it into her exclusive club, relishing in the public attention it gets her.

Deborah Kensington: A thaumaturgist, Deborah is not quite powerful enough to merit membership in the White Council but has established her cafe/rare book store ‘Grounded Sense’ as Accorded Neutral Ground. Her talents lay in enchantment and magical potions, and her customers in the know have access to special pick-me-ups in their coffee if they ask for it.

Russel Marks: The area’s sole Warden on duty, Russel is overworked just keeping tabs on all the minor talents and practitioners everywhere south of D.C. and east of Richmond. Still, he does everything he can to keep these people safe, and he’s not above deputizing the locals if he needs the assistance.

Anthony Cardoze: A business man who recently came to Virginia Beach, Cardoze is rumored to have connections with organized crime. No one can explain his sudden and rapid rise to influence and power, and many believe he may have powerful, supernatural patronage. Deceased.

DaQuan Jones: Seemingly untouchable by the local law enforcement, Jones is the unofficial head of the recent rise in gang activity in Hampton. Believed to be backed by the mysterious ancient powers known as the Fomor, Jones’ activities are definitely furthering some sinister agenda. Deceased.

Carric O’Caercarras: A Summer Sidhe, Carric is an elf-lord who owns an extensive greenhouse and conservatory in Williamsburg that is known for its collection of rare plants. Though his involvement and interest in mortal affairs is minimal, he stays around to counter any move for power made by his rival, Fenric Longjaw.

Fenric Longjaw: An ogre sidhe of the Winter Court, Fenric operates out of an innocuous deli and butcher shop in Hampton. Though he seems to not care about the area, his loyalties prevent him from allowing Carric from making any move for power uncontested.


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