Important Locations

The majority of these locations are fictional and may exist where other, actual businesses are located. The few places that are not fictional will reflect the actual location as closely as possible, and change only as the campaign dictates.

The Vortex: The Vortex is a high-end nightclub owned by Mercedes Carpenter. Most nights she can be seen there, making an appearance and mingling with her fans. Easy entrance is only available to those lucky enough to get on the VIP list, and thanks to Mercedes’ fickle favor most don’t stay on that list for long. There are a number of bouncers, but Paddy Mulligan and Steel are the heads of security and they are quick to respond to any supernaturals making trouble in the club.

The Majesty: Once a failing hotel and convention center, Gabriel Foley bought the business and completely turned it around. Redesigning and converting the bar and convention center into a nightclub destination, he has helped the hotel end gain a serious boost in business by selling membership packages to the nightclub and offering reduced rates to members as well as allowing them to skip the line into the club. Mr. Foley’s personal assistant, Victoria Appleton, manages the day-to-day affairs of the Majesty and can be found there most nights.

Grounded Sense: A cafe and rare book store, Grounded Sense has steady business as much thanks to their antique equipment and retro styling as to their exceptional service and fare. Owned and operated by Deborah Kensington, Grounded Sense is also Accorded Neutral Ground. Under the strict laws of the Unseelie Accords, anyone violating the neutrality of Grounded Sense’s boundaries not only earns a death sentence but severe penalties and punishments to any powers they might represent. Though Deborah is technically under the auspices of the White Council, she enjoys a bit of protection from all the various factions in the area as they all enjoy a place to relax, and few people would dare threaten her outside the ANG area for fear of reprisal.

The Poor House: A sports bar near Gloucester Point, the Poor House used to be owned by Franklin ‘Frank’ DeMartino, the former Red Court baron in the area. Since Frank’s sudden disappearance, his bartender Damian has gained ownership of the property and business and has applied for ANG status as Grounded sense is not open 24 hours a day and the Poor House’s hours cover the times when Grounded Sense is not accessible.

Important Locations

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