Important Non-player Characters

In the Seven Cities there are NPCs who may have important roles but are not major players or faces of the setting, or ones that are not a constant presence. As these NPCs are introduced, they will be added here.

‘Steel’: Mercedes Carpenter’s bodyguard. A lycanthrope, Steel is much more than he appears to be during the full moon; even without the moon’s presence enhancing him, though, he is no one to trifle with lightly.

Cole Sanders: A practitioner in Gloucester, Cole runs an antique shop and tourist gift shop in Yorktown. Originally based in Gloucester Point, Cole moved his business south when the werewolves in Gloucester began pushing there territory outwards. To outward appearances, Cole makes barely enough to get by, but to his supernatural customers he does a brisk business in charms and potions.

Michael McManus: Former Alpha of the Gloucester Wolves, McManus was the driving force behind the pack’s expansion of their territory since the disappearance of Franklin DeMartino, the local Red Court baron. McManus is aggressive and confrontational, but easy enough to talk to so long as his authority isn’t challenged. Currently he retains a certain amount of status as Sinclair’s second in command.

Dr. Charles Sinclair: McManus’s successor, Sinclair doesn’t approve of the aggressive way McManus has been leading the pack. Much more civil and accommodating than McManus, his calmer demeanor was the reason he took so long to take over the pack.

‘The Necromancer’: The villain of the adventure Bloody Bones, the Necromancer has remained unnamed as of yet. His plans disrupted before they could truly begin, the necromancer was driven from the area and forced to flee into the NeverNever. Still, he swore vengeance before the gate closed, and it is likely he will return to make good on that promise.

The Bastard: His true name unknown and answering to the moniker ‘Bastard’, this mysterious mercenary has recently arrived in the Seven Cities and currently squats in Hampton. Claiming to have escaped the control of the Jade Court, the Bastard says he is a dhampyr. Possessing vampiric abilities and strengths but seemingly none of the weaknesses except for the hunger, it is hard to dismiss his wild tales. No one is sure of his motivations, but he harbors a distinct hostility towards vampires of all kinds.

Alex McArthur: Winter’s Agent in the area, McArthur was brought in as a response to Eleanor Dingby’s acceptance of Summer patronage. Though he would rather put the supernatural world completely behind him, McArthur knows that defiance will get him nowhere and maintains some measure of autonomy by being efficient at his tasks.

Maria Pascara: A recent arrival in the area from Puerto Rico, Maria works as a high-class escort out of the Williamsburg area. Both Gabriel Foley and Mercedes Carpenter have been trying to gain her as an ally, as powers of seduction are far beyond anything mortal. Rumors fly in the supernatural grapevine about her supposed connections to the goddess Aphrodite.

Victoria Appleton: Gabriel Foley’s personal assistant, Ms. Appleton is the day-to-day manager of the Majesty. While Gabriel manages the investors and expands his business, Ms. Appleton keeps the Majesty running smoothly while at the same time handling Gabriel’s schedule. Though her actual knowledge is unknown, it is assumed that due to her close work with Mr. Foley that she is aware of the supernatural world and it is likely she is well-informed about Gabriel’s enemies and their weaknesses.

Damian: A werewolf not aligned with the Gloucester Wolves, he has since managed to avoid any harassment from McManus by measure of the fact that he is currently being reviewed under the Unseelie Accords to make his bar The Poor House into official Accorded Neutral Ground. Because the hours of The Poor House are almost an exact mirror to those of Grounded Sense, The Poor House has been given ANG status so that all factions can enjoy year-round use of the area’s ANG.

Arthur Hathaway: A Summer Changeling, Hathaway tries to stay out of the local politics as much as possible. Making a modest living as a fiction writer, he is torn between the mortal and supernatural worlds and tries to distance himself from both in an effort to keep from choosing. Still, in his solitude he spends most of his time researching various subjects and can be persuaded to help with various esoteric occult problems.

Important Non-player Characters

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