Previous Player Characters

Not all player characters are present in each adventure, sometimes characters die, and sometimes players come and go. Due to the issue of keeping a consistent canon in the campaign, all player characters that are alive and still in the area are kept on as NPCs if their players have left the campaign or are not present for the current adventure. Below are all established characters tat are still present in the current campaign area and timeline.

Robert Ellis: A baptist minister, Robert was drawn into the world of the supernatural when he stumbled upon a Black Court Vampire preying on members of his flock. In the ensuing confrontation he realized just how powerful a weapon his faith could be against the forces of darkness and did not hesitate to step up when the murders and disappearances of Bloody Bones began to occur.

Richard De Luxe: Father De Luxe (Pronounced ‘day Loo’) is a Catholic priest who used to spend his life traveling from parish to parish to assist other priests who were between assistants or nearing retirement. He decided to make the Hampton Roads area his permanent home when he got caught up in the same confrontation with the Black Court as Robert Ellis, and stays to assist his fellow servant of God in the fight against evil.

Jacob Ryan: A former police detective turned private investigator, Ryan has been plagued most of his life with visions of the future and the ability to see past the illusions of the world to see what’s really there. Viewed as one case away from snapping by his coworkers, Ryan developed a severe mistrust for anyone who wasn’t fully human or had dealings with inhuman powers. Ryan quit the Newport News police force when his partner Eleanor Dingby made a deal with Carric O’Caercarras for power to help deal with the Necromancer. Now he focuses on helping people who fall through the cracks of the police efforts.

Paddy Mulligan: A Troll Changeling, Paddy is unusual because of his Fae parent’s decision to take him under his wing. Rebelling against what he considered the monstrous behavior of his father’s people, however, Paddy made an enemy of a powerful Sidhe knight of the Winter Court. Making his way to America and overstaying his visa, Paddy lived the life of a homeless hooligan before taking a job offer from Mercedes Carpenter as a bouncer at her club. With the unspoken protection of the White Court, Paddy has been more open with his activities now that he doesn’t have as much to fear from his angry father.

Eleanor Dingby: A detective with the Newport News police force and Jake Ryan’s former partner, Eleanor is also a Summer Knight. Not THE Summer Knight, but her deal with O’Caercarras effectively makes her Summer’s mortal advocate. With the resources she can access through the police department, she is a very valuable person to the Summer Court’s interests in the area.

Darien Marshal: An EPA agent assigned to the Hampton Roads area, Darien has his suspicions about the supernatural but wasn’t fully pulled into that world until the events of Bloody Bones. His strong sense of justice kept him oriented despite the shock, and he eagerly dove into helping Ryan, Dingby, and the others work against the Necromancer and his evil plans.

Previous Player Characters

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